How to make Employees Feel Valued and Empowered at Workplace?

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, August 07, 2020

Employee Empowerment is a concept that is relevant to the generation of workers at present. These employees consider the job they are doing as a critical part of their lives and the responsibility of making them feel engaged and appreciated falls on the employers’ court. 

Fremont, CA: Some critical steps need to taken to solve the problems for businesses struggling to maintain their employees, or with declining morale, or those companies looking to implement a positive transformation in its corporate culture. There are plenty of solutions to opt for to encourage employee empowerment. But what exactly does empowering employees include is a doubt that most employers face. There are many ways to imbibe positive attitudes into the employees; some of the main ways are: 

Motivation and Engagement

To succeed in today’s economic landscape, brands should have employees who are energetic and enthused about the company. A new generation of employees is looking for different kinds of rewards than just a paycheck. Today’s workers want their jobs to be an integral part of their lives and represent who they are, rather than just something they do. Employees jump ship if they are feeling dissatisfied with the work they are doing, hence it now essential to achieve interest with employee empowerment. 

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From a keyhole viewpoint, empowering the employees includes making them feel significant and creating a lasting impact on the company. If the employees are dedicated to improving the company, reputation, and interests, it means that the employees feel satisfied and empowered. By building trust, a symbiotic relationship is created with mutual support, making the employees feel valued. This can be nurtured by giving employees an opportunity at leadership, respecting, and valuing their insights and suggestions and entrusting them with tasks that represent the company in the public eye. 

Using Social Media

The latest generation of workers is also connected in a way like never before through social media. Instead of following legacy rules, such as banning social media at work, companies need to do the opposite by encouraging the employees to help promote the brand in social media. As people of this generation have the habit of posting everything that happens to them in social media, even work subjects, issues, and environment can be posted to harness some positive energy. As they will be displaying their work environment and habits online, they begin to perform better and feel engaged about the company. 

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