How to Create a Recruitment Video In-House?

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, November 16, 2020

One of the most important marketing tools to attract the best talents is the recruitment videos. These videos can be created in-house at a much lower cost than by hiring a video production team

Fremont, CA: Creating a video emphasizing on the requirement, the type of skill set the organization is expecting from a potential employee, and how it is like to work with the enterprise, not only brings in massive talent but also helps the candidates to recognize if they are suitable for a specific job profile before applying. There are numerous video producing companies, charging more than a thousand bucks for creating a two-minute video, which might not be affordable for all the HR managers. Therefore, by adopting some modern equipment, HRs can create these videos by themselves.

Equipment to be used:

There are two significant types of equipments used for filming a short and simple video: Camera and Sound.

Camera: Instead of paying $2000 for a single two-minute video, it is better to get a professional camera and hire a professional photographer. With this, one can create multiple videos from time to time, depending on the requirement, thereby saving the organizations finances and making the process much easy for the HR managers.

Sound: Another essential factor to be considered is the audio of the video clip. While filming, a quick trick is to place a Smartphone in recording mode near the person who is being interviewed, which provides two sources of audio. This increases the chance of getting better sound.

Ways of Delivering Information:

There are three basic ways of delivering the required information over a recorded video: Interview, voice over and text on screen. In the case of interviews, the interviewer gets the candidate to say exactly what they want the candidate to say.

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