How Technology is Enhancing the Recruitment Capability of Organizations

By HR Tech Outlook | Monday, October 14, 2019

The advancements in recruitment technology are enabling the HR departments to streamline their processes and bring greater productivity into the organization.

FREMONT, CA: The advances in technology have made a significant impact on organizations. The incorporation of robust IT systems in the HR department has facilitated the enhancement of various processes, including recruitment. Organizations can now leverage the capabilities of emerging technology to streamline the advertising of positions, application processing, initial screening, and final selection.

The recruitment process is critical for organizations and often determines their success. The rise in staff turnover rates is making people more selective regarding the positions they want to choose. On the other hand, some vacancies generate countless applications. It makes the screening process more complicated. Hence, organizations need to identify their most vital needs and incorporate technology accordingly.

The incorporation of technology brings unmatched benefits to the recruitment process.

Advertising Vacancies

The job advertisement often spurs the first contact between employers and candidates. It enables HR departments to reach a deeper pool of potential candidates. Along with the traditional media, organizations also leverage social media to reach the millennial generation and enhance their reach. Social media advert campaigns not only allow organizations to reach specific audiences but also to optimize their spending.

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Candidate Sourcing

The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has enabled organizations to automate the recruitment process. The virtual assistants powered by AI can leverage client credentials to connect with third-party platforms. They utilize a standard set of criteria to find the target candidates as sought by the employees.

Employee Screening

Organizations are utilizing computer-based keyword searches, standardized scoring, computerized test, IVR systems, and video conferencing for candidate screening. ML systems leverage standardized data to process the candidate applications, using pattern recognition to identify the desirable qualities of the candidates. The systems can also be used for the validation of documents.

The incorporation of social media campaigns, AI, and ML in the recruitment process are empowering HR departments to reduce the time consumed in the screening and interviewing of candidates. It has not only ensured greater productivity, but also enabled them to cut their expenditure. With robust technology, organizations no longer run the risk of poor hires and can achieve greater accuracy and efficiency in their recruitment process.

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