How HR Technology can Enhance Performance Reviews?

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

To work on a solid productivity plan, companies should focus on achieving future goals with strategies that increase the overall productivity of employees.

FREMONT, CA: Over the past few years, the role of the HR department has grown through the implementation of policies and procedures, recruitment, hiring, on-boarding, and individual management.  HR leaders now discover that they need to secure a favorable employer brand, develop projects that boost employee engagement and productivity, and establish relationships between the business and staff beyond the organization's mere tenure. As HR has so much to do, improving present employee engagement and productivity is not always their top priority. So, there's poor credibility for performance reviews.

Moreover, only half of the HR experts claim annual performance reviews are a precise assessment of the performance of an employee. Furthermore, 49 percent of HR professionals think it is necessary to re-evaluate their performance review process. The bottom line is performance reviews are not working.

HR technology can create an enormous difference for employers seeking to enhance the performance review process. Here are a few ways by which good performance reviews can be achieved:

Focus More on Collaboration: During the performance review process, HR technology enables managers and employees to collaborate. According to the Human Resource Management Society, 90 percent of HR experts think that a mixture of feedback from the manager of an employee and others within an organization produces a more precise image of employee performance. 

Improve Organization: Performance reviews can become chaotic when there is no scheme for employers to organize their HR procedures.

Make Negative Feedback Constructive: HR technology enables employers to find methods to make positive feedback from their negative feedback. This allows employers to train their staff and provide them with the feedback they need to be successful.

According to a study published in the Journal of Personnel Psychology, when receiving critical feedback, individuals that are worried about how others view their performance listed as being dissatisfied. The research also demonstrated that individuals who are most interested in teaching do not receive proper negative feedback from others.

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Establish Open Communication: To enhance performance reviews for employees, there should be transparent communication between employer and employee. Employers can readily communicate their objectives with staff through the use of HR software and make employee expectations more visible. This enables staff to learn how their goals of performance fit into the organization's goals.

Improve Feedback in Real Time: It is highly essential to obtain timely feedback because it ensures that the staff receives input when they need it and can make adjustments accordingly. But, according to the Human Resource Management Society, continuous performance reviews are conducted by only 2 percent of employers. They need to receive timely feedback for staff to achieve their most significant potential.

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