How Employee Engagement is Driving Enterprises towards Robustness

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, February 08, 2019

employee engagement in enterprisesToday’s competitive business environment pushes organizations to focus on the faster and higher growth to stay ahead in the race. Employee engagement is one of the key factors that help to achieve success. It is all about creating an environment with the right conditions, values, or tools that connect employees with the organization through their work and brings the best from them. A workplace can be called as engaged if it has commitments and enthusiasm driven employees who can connect their individual goal with the goal of the organization. Following are some of the benefits of employee engagement in an enterprise:

Increases productivity: An engaged employee appreciate their work and tasks allocated to them. Whereas, an unrecognized employee can be temperamental an end up not doing what they supposed to do. According to a study from Gallup, organizations with engaged employees have 21 percent higher productivity than unengaged counterparts. High-level employee engagement is one of the steady features of successful and top performing companies.

Increases profitability: High engagement rate from the employees leads to high profitability for companies. It shows that the employees are doing their allocated work properly. Also, the employees are accomplishing the task within the stipulated time.

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Lowers Absenteeism: According to CBI’s study, engaged employees take an average of 2.69 days sick a year, but the disengaged ones take 6.19. If an employee feels demotivated, he will look for ways not to show up at the workplace, which leads to low productivity for the companies. Employees who are enthusiastic towards their work take fewer days off than an unengaged one.

Drives innovation: Engaged employees work beyond their individual goals. A higher level of engagement brings a higher level of ideas and innovations from the employees. This makes the workplace more responsive to challenges and changes.

Recruits and retains the best: The institutes with the higher engagement of the employees attract the best fit for any positions it advertises. Employees are attracted towards creative and vibrant workplaces. Engaged workplaces retain and recruit best talents from the marketplace.

Organizations should prioritize employee engagement to increase profits and retention. It is the best way to preserve the assets of organizations.

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