How Corporate Wellness Program can Boost Employee Engagement?

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, January 06, 2020

Corporate wellness programs are contributing immensely to employees' health, thereby impacting the productivity of the enterprises.

FREMONT, CA: The impacts of employee health are more than just medical costs. A healthy workforce results in more productivity. Unhealthy lifestyle habits often lead to dangerous health consequences, costing enterprises millions of dollars in productivity alone.

Technology is enabling people to have a degree of control over health and lifestyle in ways they have never been able to earlier. Enterprises are realizing the direct impact of employees’ health on productivity and are eyeing to harness the power of this technology and provide an engaging experience for their employees. Mobile engagement strategies can impact the corporate wellness program, making it more useful than any other initiative. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), wellness technology now offers a personalized experience to each user. Combining this feature with detailed health risk assessments for employees can play the role of a personalized coach from enterprises' end and offer preventative health information, health recommendations, workouts, recipes, and more.

The apparent reasons for spending in corporate wellness programs are that healthier employees are equivalent to lower healthcare costs. An efficient wellness program powered by technology also translates to business outcomes like lower absenteeism and greater job satisfaction, employee retention, and productivity. A healthier workplace also translates into a safer workforce. A workforce that is more concerned with health will also be more concerned with workplace safety.

Employee engagement is something that has always challenged even the most creative managers and human resource departments. Various factors contribute to employee engagement, and corporate wellness programs designed with the help of technology is just one of the contributors.

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