How can AI-Powered Chatbots improve Employee Experience

By HR Tech Outlook | Monday, March 11, 2019

Employee experience is directly proportional to business growth. Companies are putting utmost efforts in ensuring a higher degree of employee experience. Technology tools like Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots can play a crucial role in transforming the employee-employer relationship by automating tasks that are cumbersome and repetitive.

AI-enabled chatbots can optimize HR workflow and act as a communication platform for employees. The new generation of employees opts to interact with chatbots rather than reading a manual for any information.  These chatbots offer a human-like response in real-time, allowing HR teams to take on a more strategic role in the business. According to research by ServiceNow, a cloud-based workplace technology provider, employees expect a Google-like option to access the information they need at work. In the wake of these developments, let’s analyze the role of AI chatbots in transforming employee experience:

Recruitment: The recruitment process relies majorly on communication across multiple channels like emails, text messages, social media, and career sites. AI-enabled chatbots can interact with candidates and provide them with feedback, helping companies to strengthen their relationship with candidates throughout the recruitment lifecycle. The chatbots also help in the screening process by suggesting appropriate candidates required for a job profile. AI-based chatbots also eliminate any chance of human-bias from the recruitment process.

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HR service delivery: AI-enabled chatbots can assist in simplifying complex HR process, policies, and frameworks, allowing HR teams to communicate information very efficiently. These chatbots enable HR teams to route common question related to PTO, employee benefits, and scheduling for a quick and customized response. AI-driven chatbots can address trivial queries that can be found on the internet or the company’s portal, allowing HR teams to concentrate on improving services like employee engagement, career pathing, and performance management.

Learning and Development: Developing skill sets of employees is always an agenda for companies. AI-powered chatbots can play a crucial role in learning and development with innovative approaches like machine learning and deep learning. These chatbots can provide information in real-time when required by the employees.

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