How can AI help in Improving HR Productivity?

By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, June 04, 2019

AI in HR productivityFREMONT, CA: Human Resources (HR) being one of the core departments of any organization has been experiencing substantial development within the past two decades. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the workplace has significantly impacted the daily functionalities of an organization. AI is reshaping the traditional procedure of HR management by increasing employee engagement and improving the worker’s productivity. The ability of AI systems to perform cognitive functions with the organic mind is impacting the world of work, as various developmental companies have started to initiate machine learning (ML) as their primary asset. AI-powered chatbots and automated selection system will not only interact with applicants but also provide the recruiters with a filtered list of potential aspirants as per company’s necessities. By 2022, chatbots are estimated to save over $8 billion of cost savings making a considerable donation to the business executives of several enterprises.

HR operatives will be able to harness the substantial and measurable benefits of ML for yielding a faster, more efficient, and more utilizable service. As machines possess the power to access, scan, and sort data at a rate incomparable to the human mind, the HR departments are increasing the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence technology to attain the act-faster ability. AI can make many relevant HR decisions to facilitate a more programmatic process. Enabling chatbots to communicate with candidates to compare, sort, and scan resume to arrange them based on the experience levels assist the HR representatives in making the correct choice. The automation of manual steps can be carried out by AI-powered visual capture technology. Replacement of underused FAQ portals with chatbots provides an organic touch to the synthetic process and further enhances user satisfaction. The scrutinizing ability of an AI makes quality assurance robust and helps HR teams with the detection of micro anomalies, which are overlooked by human minds.  

Although AI’s transformative powers have spread over all the major organizations, companies have started confronting various difficulties due to the lack of appropriate implementation techniques.  Since all the industries are adopting the new technology, the HR departments should not be left back. 

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