How Biometric Time Clocks can Benefit Companies?

HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Many firms are switching to biometric time clocks. What are the benefits of using a biometric time clock system compared to a regular time clock?

FREMONT, CA: Biometric time clock systems are getting popular day by day across the globe. To record attendance biometric time clocks rely on measurements of physical characteristics such as iris, fingertips, vocal sample, and facial shape. The scan matches an existing record in the database to ensure only employees have access to the system. If the sample does not match, access will be denied.

The most common type of biometric clock is fingerprint scanner, which scans a fingerprint and matches it to a stored image in its database. Biometric clock systems make the process of tracking employees simpler while saving time and money.

What are the benefits of using a biometric time clock system compared to a regular time clock?

Reduce Buddy Punching

Biometric clock systems may not have been 100 percent successful in controlling "time theft"  or less harshly known as "Buddy punching." Buddy punching is when an employee clocks their friends in, even if the person is not coming to office or running late. More than 75 percent of U.S. companies report losing money to buddy punching. Not only does this practice add up to a company's loss of revenues to fraud, but also it reduces employees' morale. As every person's fingerprint is unique, the chances of time theft have decreased a lot.

More Security

It can be a relief to know that only the employees who have clocked in are working. In addition to this, a similar type of biometric terminal can be used to secure restricted areas and doors without any need for access codes or key fobs. Thus, no one will be able to give passcodes to others as the biometrics are biologically unique and secure credentials.

Save Time and Simplify 'Clocking in' 

With the installation of biometric time clocks, employees can more easily clock into the timekeeping system. No more password troubles with HRs. Biometric clock systems can facilitate a company's payroll system by marking employee's attendance with how many hours they worked.

Employees do not anymore have to worry about carrying cards or keys to clock in while employers also can be relieved from security issues.

Biometric time clocks save time and bring accuracy for the HR and Payroll departments by eliminating manual time tracking and automatically compiling data from the time clock terminal.

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