How Ai Takes Employee Wellness To The Next Level!

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Given the rapid growth of technology and the growing importance of employee well-being, it is no surprise that AI (artificial intelligence) is predicted to define the future of workplace wellness. This innovative technology has many potential applications in the employee wellness market and promises a bright future for the effectiveness of organizational activities from all sides.

Optimizing Feedback

 One significant benefit of AI technology is the capacity to reduce the amount of time spent in feedback loops between lower-level employees as well as upper-level leaders. Inefficient procedures, such as the physical distribution of surveys and manual processing, characterize simpler methods of feedback collection. Not only are these methods prone to unintended human mistakes, but they also take a significant amount of time and, as a result, have minimal impact on the employee experience.

On the other hand, employee feedback may be collected and analyzed in a fraction of the time using digital distribution and analysis of surveys. Although digital feedback gathering is now a common practice, the usage of AI has the potential to increase efficiency even further. AI’s capabilities extend beyond simply evaluating multiple-choice and general questions; natural-language processing can analyze and integrate open-ended responses with astounding efficiency. As a result, less time will be spent evaluating comments and more time will be allocated to actually making improvements to improve the employee experience.

Wearable Technology Advancement

 For many Americans, wearable technology has become an essential aspect of modern health maintenance. These gadgets can monitor a user’s heart rate, walking distance, as well as calorie burn.

It is logical to expect that as wearable devices become more widespread, the technology that powers them will progress as well. Although it is difficult to anticipate where this technology will go, many people believe that wearable technologies will one day be able to understand human emotion accurately. This technology capability might be used in the wellness industry to help employees manage their workday more successfully, such as recognizing the source of their stress or knowing when to take a break. Individuals would essentially gain the ability to optimize their emotional condition constantly

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