How AI Impacts the Employee Rewards and Recognition

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, October 01, 2021

Organizations must stay up with evolving employee expectations to provide what the current employee and workplace culture need and want from their rewards and recognition systems and procedures.

FREMONT, CA: Over the last decade, the rewards and recognition system has experienced significant modifications. It's also become clear that the appropriate R&R may boost employee engagement and improve the work experience. The workplace's target audience has shifted, and the current employee has gone as well.

AI is fast becoming beyond a fad or a phase; it is rapidly becoming the standard. As a result, organizations must incorporate the AI wave into the tidal wave of change sweeping the HR landscape in general and rewards, recognition, and incentive frameworks in particular.

Let's see ways AI will Impact Rewards and Recognition.

  • Personalization v/s individualization

The workplace is dynamic and intergenerational. Employee experience expectations have shifted because, just as external consumers want brand messages and services to speak to them, internal workers expect the same. Deep data mining allows AI tools in the shape of pleasant chatbots, collaborative robots, and even AI teamwork facilitators to develop rewards and recognition formats that are not only customized but personalized – meaning they make sense to every employee. R&R has got modified by AI and will continue to be modified by AI to make it more continuous, sustainable, informal, and relevant. AI solutions can improve communication even in simple tasks such as identifying an employee across heterogeneous, geographically dispersed teams.

  • Meeting expectations v/s delivering happiness.

Even when it comes to incentives and recognition, AI is altering the game with gamification. It'll no longer be a boring checklist that businesses must go through following performance assessments as a matter of course. Rewards and recognition patterns are evolving as augmented reality changes how job assessments operate. The goal is to encourage employee satisfaction rather than meeting employee expectations. That is a retention technique that AI is working to implement.

  • Prescriptive v/s predictive

AI and other cutting-edge technology will make HR operations far more interesting. Employee incentives and recognition would also transform their fundamentally reactive and prescriptive nature into more observant, proactive, and predictive. The goal is to use AI and engaging, immersive technologies to use data and create meaningful experiences.

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