Here Is The Process of Making a Great Leader

Hanna Wilson, HR tech Outlook | Saturday, January 30, 2021

The age-old saying, “Great Leaders are not born, they are made,” is still holding true as in modern organizations leadership development are prevalent.

FREMONT, CA: Leaders are the reason an organization either thrives or crumbles. Hence, an effective leader is the requirement of every organization in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business world. The challenges faced by managers today are different from a few years ago. Managers and leaders are expected to be agile, resilient, and adaptable who can perform under pressure. However, the majority of managers lack these skills. At the same time, organizations are facing enormous pressure to develop competent leaders.

Organizations need to find ways to integrate interpersonal development into training and development programs earlier in the employee’s career rather than missing an opportunity to developing an exceptional leader. Skill development, such as critical influencing, negotiation, and communication, starts from day one. Additionally, in modern times, leaders have to be tech-savvy, impacting their organizations and market. It helps employees understand the impact of digitalization on the business.

A positive mindset which enables a leader to see issues and problems in the form of challenges and opportunities is a vital trait, and organizations must help in cultivating such a mindset. Moreover, quick learning ability and thinking on their feet to meet organizations, clients, and market demands are also traits that employees need training in. Thus, being adaptable to situations and emerging technologies is one of the great hacks to develop successful leaders. While training leaders, organizations must understand that the program needs to be tailored to gender, age, and level. As an instance, a younger manager might need to learn relationship-building skills to build an efficient team. Whereas, a more experienced manager might need to focus on high-level leadership skills and developing a strategic perspective.

To create effective leaders, organizations need to train managers on the job. ‘Learning by doing’ has its power and value. To develop new skills, stretch assignments, coaching, and mentoring are good ways to ensure employees develop while getting the feedback they need. However, learning by doing is packed with failure, and it helps to shape employees as effective leaders. Failures help build confidence and self-esteem. Organizations need to create cultures that are tolerant of failure. Additionally, corporate language training programs in English will remove barriers to progression for young talent and reduce misunderstandings that could hold back productivity. All the hard work and training programs prove the age-old saying, “Great leaders are not born, they are made.”

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