GroWrk Launches Smart Remote Office Management Platform

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, August 24, 2020

Carlos N. Escutia, CEO

Long considered 'the future of work,' telecommuting has effectively positioned itself as the defining work model of 2020 through the pandemic. Remote work is here to stay, as companies everywhere are deciding to embrace it as their new normal.

FREMONT, CA: GroWrk Remote, a Los Angeles-based tech company, launched a digital solution that provides full visibility for the new office, providing a layer of technology that helps companies streamline and actively manage their team's home office needs. The new platform allows company managers to rethink their facilities and teams around how work is happening today.

The company closed a funding round in March from Act One Ventures, a Los Angeles venture firm focused on business software investments.

"Not only do we help companies ensure that their remote employees are being taken care of with the right tools and services, but we do it in a frictionless and capital-efficient way. Delivering our home office as a service solution at scale and on demand in the US and abroad, requires intensive tech, operations and logistics focus in the background." Says Carlos Escutia, GroWrk's founder, and CEO.

GroWrk automates equipment issuance so that managers can quickly onboard as many team members as they require, offering everything from sit-stand desks to ergonomic chairs, to IT and ergonomics supervision to enhance health and productivity. Instead of providing workers with a limiting stipend for equipment, the company enables remote teams to order from a company pre-approved ergonomically correct product list, IT, and perks, through subscription plans that alleviate the financial burden of an upfront equipment expense.

Apart from equipment provisioning, GroWrk helps companies keep their distributed teams physically healthy through one-on-one online Ergonomic Assessments with Certified Ergonomists, ongoing supervision, and predictive analytics tools to assure employee safety and reduce remote liability injury risks.

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