GoodTime Joins Forces with SmartRecruiters to Streamline Recruitment Process

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, June 28, 2019

In a rush toward hiring the best talent, organizations have little choice but to employ the latest recruitment techniques.

FREMONT, CA: In this age of technology, organizations cannot expect excellent results by employing archaic methods for their HR processes. Incorporating the latest HR software can enable organizations to achieve efficiency in their operations, including recruitment. To deliver this efficiency to organizations, GoodTime, an interview logistics platform provider, recently partnered with SmartRecruiters. The collaboration is aimed at aiding recruitment teams in streamlining the interview process by eliminating manual work as well as reducing the time to hire.

GoodTime utilizes AI and automation to improve the recruitment process. The San Francisco-based company offers enhanced experience for candidates participating in interviews by automating the complicated tasks involved in the process. It facilitates seamless scheduling, scales interview training, diversifies interview panels, and delivers actionable insights for employers.

SmartRecruiters, on the other hand, develops recruiting software for global enterprises. Its offerings include Talent Acquisition Suite designed to aid businesses in sourcing, attracting, selecting, and hiring the best talent.

The partnership will enable recruiting coordinators to schedule interviews with a mere click of a button. The SmartRecruiters system leverages customized templates to send company-branded invitations to the relevant candidates. The GoodTime platform uses employee data and interview calendars to match interviewers with the candidates, ensuring the best experience for both interviewers and candidates, while at the same time reducing time to hire by up to 50 percent.

It is no secret that the fastest recruiter often gets the top candidates, and the integration has provided organizations with the means to achieve it. The partnership is aimed at modernizing the interview process by bringing efficiency into the recruitment operations. It has provided an added advantage for mutual customers to streamline their hiring time and achieve better coordination to attract top talent, as well as reach the hiring goals of the company.

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