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HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Rajesh Makhija, CEO and Founder

GoGestalt empowers employees on their digital transformation journey as well as helps them in improving their skill sets.

FREMONT, CA: GoGestalt, a digital talent development company for existing and new employees, focuses on the human side of digital transformation to accelerate the implementation of tech-enabled instruments and digital business models. The company helps its clients to realize the faster pace of work, transparency in information, and a more rapid decision-making process, giving priority to customer satisfaction.

Digital transformation means integrating technologies integration into all company fields, substantially altering how you function and providing clients with value. It’s also a cultural shift that demands organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and failure comfort.

“To be effective, workforce transformation requires not just understanding, learning, and using new digital tools, but also embracing a new mindset to leverage technology for business success. The GoGestalt framework is rooted in the premise that transforming the existing workforce into a digitally-competent unit requires a deeply integrated approach of techno-functional prowess, business domain expertise, and most importantly, the digital mindset,” said Rajesh Makhija, CEO, and Founder of GoGestalt.

According to an HBR article, over 70 percent of organizations are trying to become digital but fail to understand the advantages of their planned objectives. Less knowledge in the digital field, reluctance to change, fear of known and unknown, job loss insecurity, and insufficient training and skillsets are the major drawbacks in transforming to a digital workforce.

GoGestalt has built the platform solely on the principle of the digital transformation of the workforce. The organization marks the human side of digital transformation by using an all-around strategy to experiential and digitally immersive teaching to enhance present workers' skills and fresh hires to bridge the workforce’s digital literacy gap.

“A key to successful digital transformation is for the workforce to unlearn outdated habits while embracing new technologies and processes, all while focusing on becoming continuous learners,” explained Ravi Parramatta, Co-founder, GoGestalt. “We believe Digital is blurring the lines between business and technology calling for holistic talent at all levels. GoGestalt’s framework is well poised to help develop such holistic talent for our customers.”

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