Four Common Pre-Employment Screening Tests

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Pre-employment screenings, including a background check, can be viewed as a mandatory move before making a work offer to an applicant.

Fremont, CA: It is your responsibility, whether you are a hiring manager or a recruiter, to ensure that businesses find applicants who possess all of the requisite skills and qualifications for a particular position. You should need additional verification in the form of a pre-employment screening test to ensure that you've found someone who suits the requirements.

Pre-employment screenings, including a background check, can be viewed as a mandatory move before making a work offer to an applicant. Both will help you save time and money by ensuring that a suitable candidate is chosen to join your team.

Pre-employment tests are available in various types for your company to choose from. Which option you choose will be determined by your business, the type of applicant you're looking for, and the open position you're trying to fill. Here are four standard pre-employment tests applied before hiring:

Top 10 Pre Employment Assessment Consulting/Service Companies - 2020Cognitive Ability Tests

Intelligence is measured using cognitive skill assessments. IQ assessments are the most common, but there are others that can assess verbal abilities, math skills, deductive reasoning, and spatial perception as well.

The General Aptitude Test (GAT) is one of the most popular cognitive skill tests, focusing on a candidate's ability to approach multiple tasks using logical, verbal, and numeric reasoning.

Skills Tests

Skills assessments are not aimed at knowledge or personality traits but rather evaluate actual skills, whether they be hard skills or soft skills.

Personality Tests

Personality testing facilitates HR practitioners, hiring managers, and recruiters in determining whether or not an applicant would be comfortable in a particular position and what personality characteristics they possess.

There are no correct or wrong responses, unlike other forms of pre-employment tests. A personality assessment's test results are used to determine applicants' commitment levels and whether they'd be a good long-term match for the role.

Drug Tests

Before offering a job to an applicant, the company can request that they undergo some drug tests. These tests will tell whether an applicant has used such chemicals in the last few weeks or months. Urine tests, hair drug tests, alcohol tests, saliva drug tests, and sweat drug tests are all common forms of drug tests.

Employers can opt to screen potential or current workers for drug use, but drug testing regulations differ by state and can affect when and how screenings are performed.

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