Four Blazing HR Tech Devices for your Small Businesses

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

The offices of major giants like Google and Amazon are always flooded with million job applications yearly. These big firms are also moving with the modern technology and have included AI and advanced recruiting software, to limit their candidate pool and filter out the best talent.

But what about startups and SMEs? What are the best tech tools that will empower organizations to enhance the recruitment procedure later on? The future of enrolling will use augmented intelligence and machine learning to aid organizations to connect to the right talent all the more productively while making a more profound human association and custom ways for each expert.

Give your business a focused edge by using the present season's most blazing tech devices.

• Salesforce

Cell phones have replaced Rolodex, but still, organizations need something to keep interactions with the clients or sales prospects. Salesforce, a new customer relationship management is highly being adopted by numerous businesses.  It is a less tech-heavy option which links contacts and calendars to set reminders for appointments or follow-up calls.

• Mobile Pixels Duo

The portable monitor Mobile Pixels DUO has been designed to improve the productivity of the employers. The DUO is different from other dual monitors as it can fit any laptop; without the utilization of extra space or land, through a significant, plug-and-play USB association. It gives an entire 270-degree turn, with the alternative for a 180-degree presentation mode, so recruiters can pick their favored viewing point while assessing candidate pools and filtering out new talent.

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 By Tran Taylor, EVP and CHRO, Nationstar Mortgage


Evident ID

With high power comes great responsibility. The recruiter has to ensure the safe handling of a job seeker's data and if they are hired then organizing and managing this sensitive data becomes an added responsibility. Evident ID protects the business and provides cybersecurity solutions for managing and sharing the personal data of the employees thereby minimizing the security risks.

• Robo Recruiter

Every organization goes through the challenges associated with recruiting and retaining talent. Utilizing automated messaging utilizing an online chat box, RoboRecruiter does the hard work by dealing with the commitment of their existing campaign database. What's more is that the stage is multilingual and enables recruiters to advance their database from essential storage of applicants into something that is more wise, more dynamic and more engaged.

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