Foundation of a More Advanced and Sophisticated Top Quality Employee Management

By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Lawrence Bailliere, CEO, Contempo HCM

Efficient and expert employee management solutions are now becoming affordable and accessible to smaller businesses too.

FREMONT, CA: “We shared the same vision with BeachFleischman and Pinnacle Plan Design, and that made this new venture possible. We are excited about the opportunity to help business owners drive down the cost and complexity of managing a workforce. Our system provides real-time data and immediate access to information for better decision-making," shares Lawrence Bailliere, CEO of Contempo HCM during the launch of the new venture. The company is a joint venture and will provide workforce management solutions to small and medium level local businesses in Arizona.

Cloud-based workforce management solutions and support are becoming important. With services like payroll, time & attendance, HR administration, and electronic benefit administration, the venture is looking forward to taking over the burden of employee management from their clients. Complex work environments mandate specialized workforce management strategies to enable best practices and excellent efficiency.

Businesses find it challenging to manage the workforce because of its complexity. The costs associated are also not favorable. Instead, outsourcing employee management can help the management save a lot of efforts and concentrate more on core areas of functioning. Specialized workforce management can streamline the process, provide better employee experience, and take away the burden and risks all at once with comprehensive technologies.

Contempo HCM assumes the responsibility of maintaining tax and regulatory compliances concerned with the workforce. With its integrated approach, clients do not have to look for different solutions to their employee management woes. Because it is cloud-based, it is extremely agile and always secure. A real-time issue redressal mechanism makes the services reliant.

The company is looking forward to providing technological benefits in employee management to smaller and mid-sized businesses at affordable costs and expert solutions.

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