Five Tips for CIOs to Increase the Productivity of Remote Workforce

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, October 15, 2020

Organizations need to develop a beneficial and innovative work environment for their employees' mental and physical well-being. They also need to find ways to increase employee motivation and productivity.

FREMONT, CA: The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the way businesses operate, and many companies have adopted the work from home standard. However, they encounter challenges regarding employee fatigue because of long working hours, anxiety, poor internet connectivity, and productivity.

Here are five ways CIOs can increase productivity for the remote workforce:

Communication with the Leadership Team

For an organization's seamless functioning, the leadership team needs to interact and discuss with employees about company-specific events and update them about the progress on important projects. Resolving employee concerns will also build trust and assurance.

Prioritize Employee Mental Health

Employees are already stressed because of social distancing and isolation, making it important for leaders to keep a check on their mental health. Organizations can provide employees with mental-health sessions, meditation programs and help them open up about the issues they face while working remotely. Additionally, offering work from home allowance can also be helpful.

Offer Flexible Work Environment

With a remote workforce, companies need to take into account factors such as internet connectivity, electricity, and personal responsibilities. Therefore, it is essential to offer a flexible work environment for employees as it plays a significant part in increasing employee motivation and productivity.

Promote Values of Collaborating Working

Organizations can foster teamwork with the remote working model by introducing group tasks to solidify trust and co-dependency among employees. By promoting team projects and encouraging them to participate in healthy competitive practices, an organization can develop alliances among them.

Focus on Employee Training

Organizations need to utilize the current downtime and prepare employees for future challenges. Leaders can pick employees to take up courses associated with technologies such as analytics, AI, machine learning, and robotics by teaming up with leading edtech platforms. They can also carry out internal training programs to further educate and prepare their workforce.

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