Five Popular People Analytics Software for SMBs

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 06, 2022

Even though many people believe that people analytics software has been designed mainly with an intention to enhance HR services, the data disclosed assists firms in meeting their objectives and achieving success.

FREMONT, CA: People analytics, often known as workforce analytics or HR analytics, is the process of acquiring and translating HR and organizational data into actionable ideas that help firms run more efficiently. Charts, graphs, visualizations, questions, and understood replies are used to present this information. Let us look at five people analytics software:


Tableau has played a critical role in democratizing data for workers and generating brand management concepts. It's a data visualization software that's useful outside of HR; many analytics teams utilize it. The software may collect data from many data pools and display real-time analytics dashboards that contain maps, charts, graphs, and other visualization styles.


Small and medium businesses will benefit from this cloud-based business information solution. Compensation plan modeling, succession planning, HR metrics, talent management, and other HR analytics and workforce management features are available. The metrics given here allow customers to track trends and the performance of their personnel over time. It also will enable firms to forecast and change decisions that affect their business objectives. TrenData is best suited for companies with more than 300 employees.


This product is helpful for companies looking for a simple business intelligence solution. It works in tandem with Excel and may be integrated into any product. HR personnel can use SplashBI to understand better what is going on and plan for the future. It is simple to set up because it comes with pre-built integrations and reporting. For example, its AI engine can help HR teams figure out why candidates drop out of the recruiting funnel, what drives churn, and if promotions are fair across the board.


Small and medium businesses can use Visier's cloud solutions. It provides solutions to a variety of best practice questions on a variety of topics. Every quarter, new product enhancements are released, ensuring that this program remains cutting-edge. Visier was designed specifically for mid-market to business clients and offers a wide range of services.

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