Five Instances of Employee Performance Goals

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, April 01, 2021

Employee performance review goals can improve the company's bottom line, optimize employees' morale and employee engagement, and increase productivity.

Fremont, CA: An important responsibility for any business owner or manager is setting goals such as performance or development goals for the team. The best type of employee performance goals links back to the company's entire organizational goals.

Performance goals include what is expected from employees and are the short-term, and long-term objectives employees are required to meet. Employee performance review goals can also improve the company's bottom line, optimize employees' morale and employee engagement as well as increase productivity. Additionally, it can help the company retain employees, have higher job satisfaction, and be motivated.

Business owners and managers set performance goals for their staff. But everyone is responsible for setting their own performance goals to remain motivated, job satisfied, and have a positive influence on the company's bottom line. Goals set by employees do not need to be assessed to be effective.

Here are five examples of performance goal examples:


Providing employees the goal to complete a collaborative project per quarter helps cultivate interpersonal communication and build team-oriented accountability. Collaborative goals can encourage productivity and communication goals by offering clear objectives to focus on.

Professional development

Personal development goals can be created around attending several developmental events in a year. Another goal is for professionals to publish a paper or complete a learning course every year.


Punctuality is a performance goal that supports productivity. Managers can set a goal that an employee cannot be late more than a specific amount of time.

Time management

Time-management goals are created around certain tasks an employee performs every day. For instance, committing to complete a daily task in the first two hours of each workday.

Personal standards

Personal standard goals help employees take the initiative in creating their own performance metrics. Each employee sets their reachable goals, which can help push for a daily metric that results in productivity, driven by personal accountability.

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