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HR Tech Outlook | Friday, August 16, 2019

By collaborating with Celigo, LASSO will provide clients with pre-packaged integration solutions linking LASSO to a multitude of ERP, CRM, HR, and Payroll platforms seamlessly and automatically.

FREMONT, CA: Celigo, a cloud-based company and technical user integration supplier, has collaborated with LASSO, a significant supplier of workforce management software solutions for the event and entertainment industry.

Celigo is pioneering the future inclusion of cloud-based applications by providing, which is an easy-to-use, next-generation Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) integration platform. 

LASSO is a personnel technology organization dedicated to aiding event businesses in managing their project-based, mobile talent from electronic onboarding and document management to programming, communication, time following, travel management, spending forecasting, supplier management, payroll, and more.

The collaboration aligns with the belief that event and entertainment workflows should be connected. Through, Celigo can further empower event businesses to have the correct data at the exact moment, so that they can do more and scale their resources more quickly, without the trouble of duplicating data entry, hours of unnecessary manual job or fragmented information. 

Many events and entertainment companies use LASSO's robust platform to onboard, organize, schedule, track, travel, and manage their contingent, freelance crew. LASSO will use the pre-packaged integration flows of Celigo's Integration Templates to boost integration between LASSO and the other core tools used by their customers in their workflow. 

Celigo's is used by LASSO to resolve their client's workforce management challenges across the globe. Business applications integration is essential, as organizations like LASSO continue to turn to Celigo as the leading integration solution. iPaaS allows partners and clients to grow using functional advisors and tech-savvy company users without spinning on developer-led, lengthy, costly integration initiatives. provides a guided application integration strategy by offering hundreds of apps with an intuitive step-by-step wizard and integration assistants and templates.

Celigo's association with LASSO enables the organization's clients to rapidly access user data and get a holistic overview of their entire case workflow. LASSO clients can streamline integration with their other vital platforms to create the best company choices from the beginning to the end.

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