Enhancing Employee Recognition with API-Powered Solutions

By HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The incorporation of API powered employee recognition solutions has enabled organizations to enhance employee engagement.

FREMONT, CA – The cutthroat competition in talent acquisition and retention is making it imperative for organizations to implement effective reward and recognition programs to ensure maximum employee engagement. It involves the removal of obstacles limiting recognition, including different portals and passwords.

Organizations can incorporate recognition into employee workflow and enhance recognition frequency by establishing an easy-to-use and integrated SaaS platform. The evolving trends in the recognition sector have spurred developers to deploy platforms with the capability of producing an average of 12 moments of recognition per person per annum.

The implementation of modern reward and recognition has led to the integration of various solutions, enabling organizations to recognize the contributions of the employees. To ensure the best-in-class recognition programs, organizations have to determine how the employees spend their time at work.

Organizations leverage more than ten different software systems to run their businesses, including HRIS systems, document management systems, project management software, and collaboration tools, along with social tools such as instant messaging, email, and so on. Most employees spend at least 30 hours of the workweek on such systems.

The emergence of modern technology has enabled organizations to transform their reward and recognition offerings. The popular reward and recognition platforms are SaaS-enabled and provide a range of simple, smart, and comprehensive functionalities to promote a recognition-led culture in organizations. However, the IT departments often view technology as another platform that needs to be managed, secured, and controlled.

Hence, organizations must ensure that their reward and recognition technology complements their existing ecosystem, rather than cluttering it. Employees should be able to recognize the accomplishment of their peers from whatever systems they are working on no matter where they are.

The integration of API will enable organizations to consolidate everyday recognition, innovation, recruiting referrals, years-of-service awards, and sales incentives on a single platform, facilitating a behavior-driving engine which aligns the employees to the business objectives and company values, empowered by recognizing and rewarding shared victories every day.

APIs are revolutionizing the recognition and rewarding platforms with value, meaning, and return on technology for HR. It has led to the inception of new opportunities for modern recognition technology, equipping the organization with robust tools to ensure customer engagement.

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