Engage2Excel Releases CXS Recognize to Help Organizations Deliver Engaging Experience

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 24, 2021

CXS Recognize is part of the cloud-based platform Career Experience Suite (CXS) built exclusively to impact the moments that matter at every step of the career experience by a team of product designers and software developers who continuously improve the employee experience.

Fremont, CA: Engage2Excel Group, a leader in innovative recruitment, recognition, and engagement solutions, announced its continued commitment to helping organizations deliver engaging experiences throughout the talent lifecycle with the release of its latest version of CXS Recognize. Engage2Excel Group created CXS Recognize to enable organizations to easily and effectively recognize and reward employees for critical milestones, performance, and social behaviors on a single platform.

CXS Recognize offers comprehensive recognition and reward programs for organizations and their employees, managers, and program administrators. The platform's effortless navigation focuses mainly on encouraging users to provide recognition to their peers at home, at the office, or on the go.

"We are very excited to launch this innovative new generation of our technology. The feedback we have received so far is fantastic," said Deepti Garladinne, director of product management at Engage2Excel Group. "Our technology makes it possible for organizations to engage employees by creating memorable recognition experiences. Creating richer experiences in a simple and intuitive manner is a driving force behind Engage2Excel's continued investment in HCM technology."

With CXS Recognize 2.1, organizations can benefit from:

• An easier-to-use, highly personalized interface with faster navigation

• The latest in Design Thinking for an exciting recognition experience each time

• An updated gifting experience providing access to local brands

 "We're incredibly proud of what our talented team has released to create a more frictionless experience for our clients' users," said Jeff Gelinas, president of recognition & engagement at Engage2Excel Group. "Our Trendicators research shows that encouraging more employee recognition is a top priority for CHROs in 2021."

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