Encouraging a Diverse Workforce to Boost Employee Engagement

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, February 04, 2019

workforce in Employee engagementDiversity has become an essential component when it comes to employee engagement. This is because workplace diversity encourages creative ideas and innovation and boosts the confidence of employees. It is necessary to recognize, appreciate and value the differences among people; the unique viewpoints may have an impact on the business and the workforce as well.

Research predicted that the future might hold a multi-generational workforce operating in the same office, each having their preferences, skills, and strengths. But the workplaces may be dominated by the millennial specifically in the technology sector.

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Building and nurturing a great work culture where everyone is excited about their work, everyone is learning and involved in some achievement or the other will enhance the productivity of the employees and will be profitable for the company as well. Promoting employee happiness benefits everyone as a whole. An environment wherein everyone is excited about their work can be created only by employees who are enthusiastic. Such an engaged workforce is the real asset of an organization.

1. Equality of Opportunity: Primary point in any organization is the relationship between the manager and the employee. The manager needs to support all his employees to foster a diverse workforce. Scheduling and conducting cultural and other sensitivity training could be the first step in promoting diversity in the workplace.

2. Diversity-friendly policies: This refers to creating new plans in the context of recruitment to performance evaluations and promotions. The policies may include- providing flexible work hours, allowing employees to take leaves on religious holidays and offering on-site daycare.

3. Mentorship Programs: Diverse workforce is essential, but mentorship programs are equally vital to ensure that each employee is growing and performing well. Encouraging opportunities like continuing education, women’s leadership or other culturally-relevant groups can be a win-win situation for both the employees and organizations.

These are some of the ways to promote workplace diversity. The top management can help the organization attract the best and most diverse talent by encouraging the diversity promotion. Prioritizing workplace diversity through focused employee engagement programs will directly impact employee satisfaction, performance, retention which will further boost the brand identity and reputation.

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