Empowering Employee Success with Innovative HR practices

By HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Employee engagement is indeed one of the most important indicators of job satisfaction measurement. Employees today seek more than just a job. They want to be involved in their work, enthusiastic about the organization they work for, and committed to their tasks.

Company leaders must start seeing employee engagement as a strategic business objective because engaged employees lead to long-term employee retention, higher levels of productivity, and improved quality of work.

ValueLabs is a global leader in enabling digital product development. The innovative solutions and the flexible engagement model of the company help their customers stay ahead of the curve, drive revenue, and improve their market position.

ValueLabs upgrades the employee engagement game with employee success ensuring that all HR business partners can now be employees’ successful partner. The company has taken several steps to listen to the employees’ voices and to fulfill their aspirations. The CEO of the company, Arjun Rao, also has regular conversations with the employees of the company.

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ValueLabs launched the Employee Assistance Program to ensure that issues beyond the scope of the work are also addressed by formal consultants in partnership with one of the industry leaders. Also, the company has launched 'Dan,' a personal assistant based on AI, for every employee. Dan simplifies the overall employee experience by clicking on any request. By using workplace Facebook as a tool, the company became a truly flat organization. This has brought collaboration to unprecedented heights and high levels of transparency.

ValueLabs introduced an app-based ‘Rewards & Recognition’ program. Also, the company has launched an app-based learning platform under the brand ‘LOYO-Learn On Your Own,’ with a comprehensive training menu of more than 4,000 courses on the go. The World HRD Congress this year recognized ValueLabs as ‘Asia's Best Employer.’ It noted the ongoing innovation by also recognizing the company as an ‘Organization of Innovative HR practices.’

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