Employee Engagement with Minimal Investment yet Achieving Higher Productivity

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, December 03, 2018

The right employee engagement keeps the employees enthusiastic at work. When the employees work happily toward the goal, an organization’s productivity, quality services, and innovations are higher. The success will benefit the organization as well as the employees.

According to a report by Gallup, an American research-based global performance management consulting company, only about 34 percent of US workers and 13 percent of workers around the globe are engaged at work.

Organizations may not provide good employee engagement due to the organizational dispute and less unity among the employees. But it is necessary to solve those issues and enhance employee engagement.

The infrastructure of an organization can boost the employees work nature. Therefore, enhanced resources and tools have to be provided for employees to complement their skills. Also, individual attention to the employees can help the managers to know more about the employees’ needs and what motivates them. The consistent feedback from the employees toward the organization’s growth must be encouraged.

Assigning a mentor to each employee, especially during the training period, is necessary. A mentor can help an employee at a personal level to improve at what they lack and make them play an active role. An organization should maintain a very good relationship with the employees. Building a healthy relationship between supervisors and employees is essential to making them feel that they are an asset to the organization. Unity in the management will result in the collective success of the organization.

Creating goals that are out of reach will make the employees feel uncomfortable with their work and will discourage them. Realistic goals are to be provided as they will encourage employees to think creatively and work without burdening themselves with a task they think they may not be able to perform. To increase the employees’ involvement, they can be rewarded for their achievements, keeping them enthusiastic.

Organizations providing better employee engagement will have outstanding revenue growth. Employee engagement creates better solutions for the organization only when there are proper planning and implementation of the work culture avoiding unwanted investments toward the same.

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