Dotin Bags Seed Funding for its Platform

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, April 20, 2020

Dotin Inc. attains another round of seed funding from Qu Ventures and Arka Venture Labs

Fremont, CA: Dotin, a silicon valley-based startup closes an additional round of seed funding with investors-Qu Ventures and Arka Venture Labs that are actively seeking out for early-stage tech endeavors. Dotin is a business-to-business, AI-driven, software-as-service platform that promotes employer-employee alignment in the workplace by collecting critical insights on employees' and potential hires' personalities and motivations.

During tough economic times, when the majority of the investors hit the pause button, it is an encouraging sight to see this activity. It is a testament to the viability of the dotin platform. 

Investments such as this level mean something beyond just capital. Qu Ventures have well-maintained secure connections and resources in Asia; a market dotin is excited to enter. One of which is Arka Venture Labs, it is well-positioned to foster dotin's continued development in the U.S. "Our AI-generated insights help recruiters and employers gain a deeper understanding of talent's key attributes, so they're better able to hire and place workers within an organization. This is critical for retention and the optimization of a workforce. Asia and the U.S. are home to innovative companies that we can help with our platform. We're thrilled to partner with Qu Ventures and Arka Venture Labs to keep expanding our work and our exposure to new markets," says Ganesh Iyer, CEO, and founder of dotin.

Top 10 Talent Management Companies - 2018Dotin's enthusiasm has spread across its investment firms. "Enterprises lose $30 billion a year due to bad hiring decisions. Over 90 percent of these hiring decisions are typically based on an assessment of the candidate's skills and not their cultural alignment with the company or team culture. This causes bad hires. Existing assessment solutions focus on understanding the conscious mind, ignoring the 95 percent of decisions that are made subconsciously. dotin solves this problem using its patented AI-based technology," explains Radhesh Kanumury, Managing Partner, Arka Venture Labs.

Better yet, the dotin platform has the potential to offer revolutionary solutions without the need of asking talent a single question. The platform uses psychology, structured/unstructured social or enterprise data along with machine learning to recognize interpersonal decision-points and alter behaviour for the benefit of the employee and the employer, yielding strong business outcomes

With the latest input of funding, dotin plans to extend its product development and growth, broadening the scope of its products. Ganesh offers, "Recruitment and retention are vital to the success and sustainability of any company. We figure out what enterprises need most; then, we build to it with data-driven solutions that disrupt the status quo."

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