Digitalizing HR Functions with AI Solutions

By HR Tech Outlook | Monday, June 17, 2019

Digitalizing HR FunctionsFREMONT, CA:  Artificial Intelligence (AI) founds a new digital era of Human Resource (HR) by automating and simplifying the complex, and labor-intensive tasks and integrating creative and intelligent tech-based trends. Due to AI, manual jobs could be computerized, but technologists believe that this technology can effectively drive various functions of the HR such as recruitment, onboarding and more. HR plays a vital in managing the workforce, which is one of the most significant assets of an enterprise. Backing talent sourcing, testing, recruiting, onboarding, training, engagement, appraising and retention operations with artificial intelligence, the industry welcomes fully digital HR operational dynamics.

Artificial intelligence offers it’s innovative and trending insights about various processes involved in HR, to support accuracy and efficiency. AI-based HR assistants can help in carrying out specific sourcing and screening by using advanced data analytics and reasoning algorithms. Bots use dynamic pattern matching, data comparison vectors, and other validation and verification methods to check if the candidates conform to the eligibility criteria and other qualifications, demanded by the role. AI-powered task managers are capable of shortlisting suitable job seekers and scheduling interviews within a couple of minutes or hours, thereby, improving operational speed to a great extent, when compared to manual working methodologies.

Shifting the paradigms of employee engagement, empowerment and retention AI-based HR analytics provides practical training and development tools to enhance the skill set and practical knowledge of the workforce. Intelligent machine-driven employee trainers devise personalized training curriculum based on the individual’s ability, grasping levels, and job role. Attractive initiatives like social media campaigns, and other social networking options aids in designing employee engagement strategies. AI maps the candidate resumes with the role requirements, successfully implements online routines to complete first level screening and initiate further rounds such as testing and interview. By instantly spotting appropriate candidates with the help of accessible business and client networks, AI streamlines and optimizes recruitment substantially.

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