Digital Advancements Transforming HR Processes

By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 08, 2019

The current digital transformation era is finding its ground in every sector of the industries and human resource is one of them. Organizations are switching towards the digital HR solutions as it holds the potential to carry out the mundane and tedious tasks with efficiency and is less prone to errors. Employee’s satisfaction has also enhanced with the digital advancements.

Role of AI in Smart Recruitment

The recruitment process is one the most time-consuming HR task but with artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the frame the process is getting easier and faster with time. AI has enabled automated application filing, resume screening, online tests and interviews saving much time of HR persons and also the candidates. The AI enabled interface is capable of handling and answering queries of multiple candidates efficiently at the same time. These interfaces can also perform the candidate search across multiple hiring platforms more quickly and target the most relevant ones for the post.

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Empowering Employees

Unlike traditional HR management tools, now employees can keep a track of their work and holidays through digital tools. Leave request, regulation queries, and updating personal details can now be completed through modern tools and HR persons can focus on other strategic tasks. Organizations also have started to adopt chatbots to perform the mundane and tedious jobs of answering repeated queries, leveraging both employees and HR team to focus over their core job.

Better Performance Management

Digital solutions have enabled both the HR team and employees to monitor their performance. Performance plays an important role in employee journey and the modern HR tools have eliminated many unnecessary steps and have boosted the performance management system. The data retrieved from the analysis can be used for creating actionable insights and support data-driven the decision for promotion compensation strategies benefitting both the organizations and the employee.

Mobile Applications and Cloud Solutions

Although the originations have still not developed mobile solutions but are striving for the same. HR sector looks forward to getting the same efficient application for mobile devices like the one for desktops. With the advent of cloud and mobile devices, businesses are no more constrained to office and building which has made it necessary for organizations to have a mobile compatible solution that can handle the employee queries just like the desktop one. Also, these applications must support cloud connectivity as most of the documentation and data is stored over the cloud.

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