Current LMS Platform Trends

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, February 07, 2022

Fremont, CA: E-learning or online learning is the preferred way of learning for many. Flexibility and the freedom offered by this mode have been attracting learning enthusiasts for the past few years now. With LMS as the central factor for delivery and tracking, e-learning continues to grow in popularity. That being said, it is important the back-end of this whole concept stays active so that the delivery of content will be engaging and interesting.

There are certain LMS trends that can help today's e-learning providers to stay in the competition.

          Integrated LMS Platform

E-learning platforms of the current generation follow the philosophy of offering more than just “courses.” E-learning providers are now adopting a more holistic view of learning which includes skill journeys, performance development, social learning, and more. This offers the learners an opportunity to harness the power of all the data for better performance and will not isolate learning into a siloed experience.


The relevance of personalized content in this era is substantive. Personalized content gives the audience a more convenient way to find the materials and resources effortlessly. In fact, learners of this generation prefer an experience where they are provided with all possible options according to their needs and preferences.

         Badges and Gamification

Badges and gamification are definite ways to grab the audience's attention. Rewards like digital badges and a game-like experience will increase the engagement rate, where the learners get to enjoy a more satisfying experience.


Engagement is a critical element when it comes to the learning experience. To sustain learners’ engagement, it is important that e-learning providers follow the current trend of both the digital and learning landscape. LMS platforms should be able to offer more than just instructions or materials and resources. Hence, it is important to craft the learner's experience accordingly.




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