Culture Design Conducts Workshops with Enhanced Virtual Delivery and Facilitation

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Jason Burnham, Founder

Culture Design, in response to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, supports companies with their work-from-home, co-creation capabilities by offering flexible and simplified workshops with adaptable virtual delivery and facilitation 

FREMONT, CA: Countries around the world are now bracing themselves from the sudden outbreak of Coronavirus. The organizations are equipping with preventive measures and contingency plans to efface the impact of the virus on their staff, customers, and their businesses as a whole. A significant surge in work from home policies is visible as the eradication of this deadly disease still remains a labyrinth in front of the human race. Business leaders are also considering alternative solutions and strategic initiatives to maintain continuous workflow and fulfill day-to-day operational needs, effectually. 

With the situation becoming more critical at present, the co-creation innovation and collaborative workspaces are becoming increasingly significant to stay ahead of the market. Culture Design is doing its part to assist businesses in these challenging and testing times. As the Founder of Culture Design, Jason Burnham believes, “Engaging stakeholders through co-creation is one of the most effective ways to design and develop an organizational culture. Co-creation workshops provide a platform to listen, empathize, and share ideas in a creative and empowering environment to solve complex problems and uncover innovative opportunities.” Hence, the company is offering workshops in its most adaptable form so that virtual delivery and facilitation are simplified. 

“If we are to truly commit to our customers’ success, then we too must innovate and provide solutions to minimize the disruption this virus is having on our communities and our customers’ businesses,” proclaims Jason Burnham, Founder, Culture Design. “When our communities thrive, our customers thrive. When our customers thrive, we thrive. We are all in this one together, and we must meet the market where it is today and where it is going tomorrow.” The company has been recognized as one of the Top 10 organizational Development Consulting/Services companies by the HR Tech Outlook Magazine in 2019, for its various turnkey and custom design workshop offerings. 

Culture Design firmly believes that the best way to enforce change and create a unique experience for each stakeholder group is to listen, empathize, and genuinely understand their needs, challenges, values, aspirations, and expectations. 

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