Crelate Introduces New Mobile App Experience for Recruiting, Staffing, and Talent Businesses

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, December 16, 2021

Fremont, CA: Crelate, established in 2012, is a fast and flexible recruitment platform for modern talent businesses such as recruiting, staffing, and consulting. Crelate, which has over 1,500 customers, allows agencies of any size to compete with industry giants while retaining their unique processes and competitive advantages through the integration of a powerful and customizable ATS, Recruiting CRM, and back-office management.

Crelate has launched their new mobile app experience that enables recruiters, staffing professionals, and employees to access key features of the Crelate Omni™ platform intuitively from their smartphones.

Crelate Omni, a completely integrated front, middle, and back-office recruiting platform that was released in September, supports every critical part of the staffing and recruiting process. The new Crelate Omni mobile app experience is designed to optimize the tools talent professionals and candidates need to communicate with each other and clients, important record information, as well as complete critical tasks whether in the field or at a desk.

Staffing and recruiting professionals can now text contacts, manage client and candidate communication, capture vital information, as well as search and maintain candidate records from any iPhone or Android device, thanks to the new mobile experience and user interface.

"Recruiters and staffing professionals need a flexible solution that is going to enable them to track, onboard, and deploy from any location – essentially taking their office out of office," remarked Aaron Elder, CEO of Crelate. "What makes our new app experience different is that Crelate's mobile solution is not simply a shrunken version of the full application or a clunky, responsive web-based experience. The Crelate Connector is built from the ground up, using native iOS and Android APIs and designed to make sure key user scenarios are fast and enjoyable on a mobile device."

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