Course5 Intelligence to Lead AI-Based Research Operations for Hall & Partners

By HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, July 24, 2019

An Optimizer Suite platform equipped with AI-Driven natural language processing and deep learning will accelerate and automate the overall research processes.

FREMONT, CA: Hall & Partners has partnered with the global analytics and insights firm, Course5 Intelligence to foster artificial intelligence (AI)-driven research operations with the help of Course5’s proprietary platform, Optimizer Suite. Hall & Partners has gained expertise in strategic brand consultancy that has been working with some of the world’s largest brands for more than 25 years.

With the incorporation of Optimizer Suite, a significant reduction in turnaround time and operational costs is expected. The subsequent transformation will also equip the system with additional efficiencies over time because of the program’s self-learning capabilities. Optimizer Suite will lace its users with a competitive advantage through customer satisfaction, speed to market, and profitability.

Course5’s Optimizer Suite platform employs AI technologies such as natural language processing and deep learning to accelerate and automate the overall research processes from data processing, reporting, and open-end coding to questionnaire design and survey programming. The platform’s survey programming module will offset weeks from the survey scripting time with smart parsing of questionnaires, automated-precise scripting, and through XML output compatible with most of the survey hosting platforms.

Hall & Partners are eyeing to propel their research turnaround time by 30-40 percent with the current advancements and to increase efficiency with time as the platforms gain further insights through its self-learning capabilities to increasingly connect with the research value chain.

Hall & Partners are eyeing smart ways to deliver quicker insights to their clients and Optimizer Suite is going to make the difference. The ability of AI platforms to continually learn and provide genuine improvements would add value to the client’s cause.

The Course5 Intelligence team believes that the market research value chain is set for disruption owing to the AI effect. Though market research processes have their own set of nuances that makes it difficult to use the current technologies, AI algorithms trained on historical data are effectively addressing the issue. The company also expressed satisfaction over the proceedings stressing that they are working with Hall & Partners for long and have always found them to be future-focused and keen to innovate. 

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