ComplianceHR Extends Compliance and Management Policy for Employees

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, August 02, 2019

Lori Brown, CEO

The new platform will offer comprehensive employee manuals, policies, and instructions, along with tools and features to support efficient policy monitoring.

FREMONT, CA: ComplianceHR, a joint venture between Littler and Neota Logic, added PolicySmart to its smart, on-demand, compliance suite. PolicySmart, a technology-based platform, provides staff with comprehensive manuals, policies, and recommendations along with tools and features to support effective policy surveillance and tracking. The solution suite of ComplianceHR offers fast, simple, cost-effective, and thorough responses to the numerous compliance problems that employers face in an ever-changing and complicated regulatory setting. ComplianceHR combines the unparalleled experience and understanding of Littler, the most significant common labor law practice in the world, with the strength of the innovative AI software platform from Neota Logic.

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With more than 1,500 lawyers in more than 75 offices globally, Littler is the most significant global employment and labor law practice. Littler reflects management in all aspects of labor and employment law and serves the worldwide employer community as a single-source solution supplier.

“For in-house counsel and human resources professionals, navigating the increasingly complex construct of federal, state and local laws presents a daunting and ever-present challenge,” said Lori Brown, CEO of ComplianceHR. “Maintaining compliant handbook policy content has become increasingly difficult given the dizzying pace of regulatory change. In this environment, employee handbooks and policies are by no means a ‘set it and forget it’ exercise and employers need smarter, self-service tools to preserve bandwidth while reducing compliance risk.”

In 2018 alone, at the state and local level, there were 55 legislative and regulatory changes causing compulsory modifications in the language of the model policy. PolicySmart empowers customers with practical, easy-to-understand advice by providing Littler-curated state-of-the-art federal and state model policy language. 

The Platform PolicySmart provides the following benefits to the companies:

• Legal preference and filterability across the content of the site
• Timelines of significant legal modifications, customizable to represent the jurisdictions and timeframe selected by an employer
• On-demand guidance identifying which legal developments require a new or revised policy
• Automatic monthly emails identifying legal changes related to the manual and providing reminders of future effective dates 

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