Communication, the Foundation for Employee Engagement

By HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Effective communication forms the backbone in boosting business growth and development. An impactful communication system needs to be implemented among the employees, organization leaders, and all others who are a part of the organization. This needs to be instilled by the franchisors and the heads of the companies. As employees form the link between the companies and the consumers, engaging them through a proper avenue of communication and interaction becomes even more vital for any business to thrive.

Effective communication among the employees can be ensured by making sure that each employee is aware of their duties and roles in any company. The obligations of each employee should be spelled out explicitly by the franchisors to avoid any discrepancy in achieving the company’s targets and goals. Through a proper flow of communication among the employees and the employers, the staff’s skills can be harnessed to its best potential to improve the entire workforce and bring about the desired profits. Communication with the employees must be regular and in person, with the help of the social media portals and live chats. This helps to develop the employees’ skills. A proper two-way flow of information and feedback should be exchanged to have a clear picture of the present scenario of the company and also help in improving productivity and business growth. The franchisors are also responsible for making the employees aware of the exchange of relevant communication to avoid any excess and unnecessary data. A proper internal communication system is a necessity to ensure that the employees are vested with the right tools to function most successfully in their roles. The franchisors should also find ways and means to inspire their employees to produce the best possible outcomes continually. Alongside, multiple surveys, meetings, and reward schemes also seem handy in improving employee engagement, at large. Most importantly, the employees need to be provided with an open forum for discussion of their opinions, without having a fear of any negative repercussions.

According to continuous surveys carried out by the Watson Wyatt Worldwide, in 2008, 2009, and 2010, engaged employees are twice more productive than the less engaged ones. Thus, every company has a liability to instill an efficient employee exchange, through the development of a good string of communication.

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