Codility Raises $22 Million to Strengthen its Engineering Department

HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Codility is competing in the skill assessment and tech recruiting marketplace alongside established names such as Hacker Noon, TestDome, BreezyHR, CodeSignal, Jobvite, and Devskiller.

FREMONT, CA: Codility, a London-based tech recruiting platform and SaaS provider for developer assessment, closed a $22 million Series A funding round led by Oxx and Kennet Partners. The company has an impressive list of customers, including Microsoft, Tesla, Slack, Okta, Rakuten, American Express, and UnitedHealth Group.

After ten years as a bootstrapped company, this marks the first time Codility has raised any funding. Just last year, Codility had 1,500 customers and helped them evaluate more than 450,000 candidates. It also has offices in Warsaw and San Francisco and plans to follow this course with the significant Series A investment.

 “The biggest bottleneck to achieving this lies in sourcing, screening, and interviewing,” said Codility CEO Natalia Panowicz. “This is where Codility comes in. We allow businesses to deliver great experiences to candidates and deep insights to the hiring team — improving decision-making and ultimately increasing their overall engineering capacity.”

Codility plans to provide coding tests that are closer to what engineers typically face in their day-to-day jobs instead of abstract whiteboard sessions that measure their theory of algorithms knowledge. Its assessment engine uses machine learning to assess technical ability at 360-degrees, helping hiring managers ensure that a candidate is a good fit for a given position. This helps decrease the effect of unconscious bias in the recruiting and placement process.

With abilities for code testing, live editing, training, and competition, Codility can evaluate performance, skill gaps, and speed on many levels. It also helps companies run their own coding competitions, which they can then use to determine potential candidates, including those who are not actively looking for a new job.

“Codility is a great solution for hiring teams based on the needs of quality high-volume hiring, such as consistency, standardization, and scalability,” said Vicky Xiong, senior director of Engineering at Okta. “Codility also enables Okta to create a great candidate experience, which is core to our values as a company.”

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