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HR Tech Outlook | Friday, August 07, 2020

Recruitment efforts depend on the current processes, techniques to execute the process, the people who will be working, and the technology used.

Fremont, CA: Outsourcing has become a standard process for big and small businesses over the years as it is more cost-effective, and quality is not affected. Outsourced employees are skilled in their field and are affordable because of their geographical location. It also allows the in-house team to emphasize the business' main competencies that are best done locally.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a booming industry as recruitment is one of the most outsourced business functions, and small businesses can tremendously benefit from RPOs because of its size.


The peaking season is seasonal for some businesses because, during these times, they will want to scale up and hire more people, but when it fluctuates, they will want to scale back again. Therefore RPO provider should need to be flexible enough and be able to accommodate the scalability needed.

Industry Expertise

A business will need to recruit an RPO that is already familiar, understands, or has previously worked in the same industry so that recruiters will already have an idea of particular skillset, talents, and profile that the company requires.

Business Needs

When it comes to hiring, a small business needs to know what it requires. The outsourced partner should have the skills and resources to offer the business, from acquiring support for starting operations at a new branch to hiring new contractors.

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Recruiters need to validate the candidate's expertise by conducting site visits and meeting members of the team they may have worked with. They should spend time with their potential suppliers to discover if they match the criteria and get a sense of comfortability to work with them.

Cost vs. Efficiency

An RPO partner can improve hiring weaknesses while capitalizing on the business' strength and finding the right partner can help achieve, although pricing can be a factor.

However, an RPO provider can make the hiring process effective for industry-specific resources and experience. Recruiting a provider might not be the cheapest option, but it might provide higher returns in the long run.

Scope of Service

A business must know what the recruitment partner needs to do. It could be employer branding, finding talents, or executing psychometric assessment and background checking and know if the business wants them to be an all-rounder or want them to focus on one specific area. It is also crucial to check how and where their services are employed and what the results were.

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