Check Powers Payroll for Homebase and Announces Partnerships with Prominent Software Platforms

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, June 30, 2021

It is a significant step forward in the evolution of embedded finance and payroll-as-a-service

FREMONT, CA: Check, a payroll-as-a-service startup whose purpose is to make paying people simple, today announced first-of-its-kind embedded payroll agreements with prominent software platforms, featuring Homebase, the best platform for managing hourly employee hiring, scheduling, timesheets, and more. Check manages payroll for systems that support over 1 million employees across 100,000 small and medium-sized businesses.

Check's collaborations with these industry-leading firms mark a watershed moment in embedded finance and payroll evolution. Despite its importance, payroll has trailed financial services in terms of innovation in the past due to the complexity of dealing with hundreds of taxes at the federal, state, and municipal levels.

"When we started building Check, we believed that payroll could and should work better, especially for the small businesses that are the backbone of our economy," said Andrew Brown, CEO, and co-founder of Check. "We heard from developers hungry to create new payroll products tailored to the needs of specific business and worker types, and we believed that building the infrastructure for them to do so would unleash a new wave of innovation. But we've been humbled by the scale of the exciting, native payroll solutions now being powered by Check."

The Check was founded in 2019 and officially debuted in January 2021. Check's payroll-as-a-service suite includes Check's easy API, simple front-end modules Onboard and Express, a user-friendly customer management dashboard, Console, and everything that enterprises need to design, launch, and scale a payroll solution. Prominent vertical SaaS companies, time and attendance platforms, HR organizations, and labor marketplaces are among the company's clients. Additionally, check manages payroll for various companies, including Careswitch, Eddy, ServiceTitan, Table Needs, and TreeRing Workforce Solutions, in addition to Homebase.

Payroll for hourly workers is complicated for small organizations. Wages fluctuate from week to week and must adhere to state and federal labor rules. As a result, they can spend hours inputting employee data into difficult-to-use, complex payroll software—or much more time manually calculating, paying, and filing payroll taxes. Homebase has created a payroll solution for small businesses that genuinely simplifies hourly payroll by thoroughly combining timesheets and payroll in one platform.

"We've always seen payroll as a natural extension of our product—and our customers did too. Check has enabled us to build payroll that could be tailored specifically for our customers," said John Waldmann, CEO, and co-founder of Homebase. "We're excited to be able to use Check's technology to create our own unique solution to meet the needs of local businesses and hourly teams."

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