Change in the Way Talent Assessment is Carried out Today

Hanna Wilson, HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The age-old practice of assessing employees against pre-defined sets of criteria for a particular position is slowly ebbing away. With the introduction of new-age technologies like AI, machine learning, robotics, natural language processing (NLP), and voice recognition, talent assessments are undergoing a drastic change. The two key aspects that drive this transformation, its growth, and usage in business applications are quantity and quality of talent. The talent assessment solutions are broadly classified into pre-hire and post-hire assessment solutions. Industry estimates indicate that 80 percent of the talent assessments are usually done at the recruitment stage, which implies that companies irrespective of their industry and size use pre-hire assessments to identify the right talent. An ideal assessment solution has to strike a balance between user-friendliness and ensuring that the user is engaged throughout the assessment process, while also making sure that the results of such process correlate closely with on-ground performance. Most assessment strategies in recent times are built for mobile platforms and provide a vastly superior candidate experience compared to traditional assessment. Page Up People, a leading talent technology provider, reveals that nearly 40 percent of applications are being made via mobile and predicts this would possibly reach 80-90 percent by 2020.

Many companies today are focusing on analytics to make their talent decisions. By applying integrated recruiting analytics, businesses are fine-tuning their recruiting programs to hire the best talent available in their market. Analytics helps elevate the recruiting function and drives better business outcomes. Talview, an AI-enabled talent assessment platform that leverages NLP, ML, and video analytics to hire the best talents in the market, is one such example of a talent assessment solution. Understanding the problem that companies face while carrying out different kinds of assessment for various positions, Talview aims to provide all such assessment types under one roof. Vervoe, a unique performance-based hiring platform, identifies hidden talents through talent trials designed by leading industry experts. The platform has a library of interview scripts and on job simulations that creates a unique interview process. The platform also automates tasks such as informing candidates about the status of their application once they complete a particular step.

As the competition within the HR industry increases, talent acquisition technology solution providers are looking to collaborate and create solutions that offer an end-to-end candidate experience while ensuring the business and HR professionals derive the value and ROI.


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