Challenges Hampering Effective Workforce Management

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, September 25, 2020

The pandemic has pushed companies to speed up their adoption of new workforce engagement models to make sure that the business and productivity continues during this disruptive time.

Fremont, CA: Companies face different challenges while embracing changed trading conditions. For example, the hospitality and tourism sector was hit the hardest by the pandemic and supply chains have been disrupted. At the same time, healthcare systems face pressure from the growing demand for treatment and screening of the virus. The retail sector has also been under stress to continue services to customers and improve employee safety measures and scale-up e-commerce and delivery potentials to meet the demands.

Employers will soon implement new models of work for a profitable approach for the business, their employees, and stakeholders. Workers who engage with the business on a contract or temporary basis can help in handling the demand for short-term growth without turning into a long-term liability for business when demand reduces.

Organizations preparing for remote work will need to emphasize on tackling four important issues:

Ensuring Worker Safety and Health

Top 10 Workforce Management Solution Companies - 2020Maintaining and handling a pool of healthcare resource is vital during the health crisis. Organizations should improve their worker safety and health protocols to safeguard the well-being of internal and external workers.

Handling Unprecedented Growth in Certain Industries

Employers should improve their potential to recognize talent and decrease time-to-hire by finding the right channels to find candidates and services as well as using digital tools that will streamline the process of handling external workers, suppliers and services.

Maintaining Business Continuity

Organizations need total visibility over their entire workforce for real-time planning and work reallocation. This will help take into account the available resources and internal capacity.

Optimizing Margins while Working Remotely

Organizations need to facilitate the benchmark pricing to make sure that they find talent at the right price. The criteria need to be internal, based on the observation of what the organization has paid similar talent in the past and external according to what organizations within the same industry are paying.

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