CAVU HCM Launches New Integrations To Deliver More Value To Clients

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Fremont, CA: CAVU Human Capital Management (HCM), a new technology provider, payroll, and human resources, launched two additional free integrations for its clients. The initial interface is with Equifax's The Work Number to automate certified verifiers' income and employment verification requests. The second interface is with ZayZoon, allowing clients' employees to get their earnings quickly.

The Work Number is a simplified, transparent, and automated tool that enables verified verifiers to quickly and correctly use over 114 million active data to aid complete the job and income verification process required for credit decisions. Equifax's Work Number streamlines the verification process, eliminates the possibility of human mistakes, and offers employees rapid replies whether seeking credit, jobs, or social safety net services. In addition, CAVU HCM clients can use the integrated verification service at no cost.

When an employee signs up, they immediately have access to their earned pay. Using the ZayZoon solution to access already earned but unpaid income, 89 percent of employees polled by ZayZoon reported a reduction in financial stress. Moreover, this service is provided at no cost to CAVU's clients and offers businesses a hassle-free program. Restaurants who use the service report an up to an 80percentage drop in staff cash theft and a 22percentage boost in employee retention.

"These integrations strike at the very core of our philosophy of helping our growing clients scale while empowering their employees. Both integrations save valuable time and resources for our clients and their staff," said Joe Sharpe, Co-CEO of CAVU HCM. 

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