CareerBuilder Launches AI-Based Talent Acquisition Platform

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, March 19, 2020

CareerBuilder launches a revolutionary Talent Acquisition Platform that offers unmatched solutions to its clients and job seekers.

FREMONT, CA: CareerBuilder, a leading Talent Acquisition media, technology, and services company, launched a state-of-the-art update—Talent Discovery Platform to improve employer and job seeker experience. The platform is built upon billions of data points and extensive client and user feedback. It assists companies to hire 30 percent faster and supports job seekers to look for new opportunities.

In the creation of the AI-powered tool, more than 200 data scientists and more than 20 patented technologies were leveraged to collate 25 years of data and insights at the convenience of the recruiters and job seekers. The tool is time-saving, simple to use, and promotes diversity. With competitive intel and AI-driven candidate pools, the new solution covers CareerBuilder’s dual-sided marketplace.   

Companies are stipulating more from their Talent Acquisition partners, and CareerBuilder’s AI-powered tool not only assists companies to fulfill their recruitment needs but also effectively reach their business goals,” says Irina Novoselsky, CEO of CareerBuilder. The Talent Discovery Platform helps create compelling job postings and allows recruiters to post jobs five times faster. The tool suggests how to boost the post to attract more recruiters and candidates. The Candidate Appeal Score measures the effectiveness of the post in terms of attracting candidates. CareerBuilder’s AI assists recruiters write gender and tone neutral job descriptions.  With the help of the technology, the company decreases hiring time by over 30 percent by bringing together job postings, email campaigns, advanced candidate search, market data on supply and demand, and quality analytics.

From a candidate’s perspective, CareerBuilder’s tools facilitate candidates with best-paying jobs, skill development, and career advancement opportunities. Job seekers can determine the scope of a role in the future, which helps them choose a better career. On top of that, the salary estimator helps candidates interpret the salary range for a job, enabling them to compare multiple positions. Simplifying the resume-building process, the AI resume builder helps candidates build resumes in just three steps, which is available across all CareerBuilder platforms. Its 25 years of resume data help build appealing and competitive resumes that capture all the necessary aspects of the candidate.

CareerBuilder offers unmatched solutions to its clients. As an industry leader, the company has received accolades such as Bronze Stevie Award in the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Solutions category for the AI Resume Builder. The company was named one of America’s Best Midsize Employers by Forbes, and many more.

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