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By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, January 25, 2019

Strattam Capital aims to build better business IT companies by eliminating growth constraints and enabling its portfolio companies to realize their fullest potential. The company employs a unique combination of investment and management to boost its portfolio companies’ long-term growth. The company invests the majority equity in IT companies based in the United States and Canada, predominantly in collaboration with founders.

Strattam Capital invests in well-established companies with high-quality products across three vertical areas of the IT business market which are enterprise software, digital technology, and infrastructure services. The company’s investment approach addresses common barriers to achieve the next level of growth through a commitment process that begins before the end of the investment term. Leverages the companies with the cumulative knowledge it has gained by investing consistently in the sector, the company adds the right resources to get to the next level of growth. With more than 20 years of investing in business IT companies and working closely with founders and CEOs, Strattam Capital has learned that creating value by building better companies requires knowing what path to take in order to achieve goals. Strattam Capital’s solution includes Strattam Essentials, a highly flexible set of features and processes that address growth barriers typically faced by its companies. Strattam Essentials toolset is very helpful to the companies that are which are prepared to move into the adjacent market. Strattam Capital offers functional expertise to support portfolio management companies with two key groups which are Strattam Executive Advisors and the Strattam Founders Group.

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Acendre, a leader in cloud-based, secure talent management software for regulated vertical industries, has announced Strattam Capital’s major investment in growth. This investment enables Acendre to accelerate its growth and advance its innovative, user-friendly talent management software—Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. This helps organizations to resolve some of the most challenging hiring problems that are being faced at present. More than 200 organizations worldwide, including nearly 100 federal agencies, use Acendre's award-winning solution to improve the efficiency of their employees. Acendre employs 300,000 applicants every month and processes more than one million applications annually. The highly secure, configurable, and interoperable talent management platform of Acendre addresses the specialized needs of organizations in highly regulated industries, including federal, healthcare, higher education, and mining. The solution is FedRAMP-certified and upholds specific federal government capabilities like Title 5 hiring practice workflow.

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