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Betts Recruiting Introduces Online Platform for Better Job Opportunities

HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Recruiters will find it simpler to hire better applicants with the launch of the new platform, which will prove to be advantageous for organizations.

FREMONT, CA: Betts Recruiting, a recruiting firm for technology companies, has launched Betts Connect, an internet platform that matches skilled experts on the job market with creative firms looking to grow their staff. The platform allows job applicants to build a profile and curate it with vital data for recruiting managers, including target salary, significant achievements, preferred role and place, and more. Then hiring managers can readily search for the applicants; they need to complete their open headcount and directly contact the applicants.

Betts Recruiting is a recruiting company that hires candidates for tech companies in the fields of revenue generating, marketing, and people operations. The company has partnered with the most notable names across sectors since 2009, providing each search a tailored strategy. The company has created networks of real relationships that enable to generate and implement the highest-quality talent rapidly. It has offices in San Francisco, New York, Austin, Chicago, and Los Angeles to assist organizations and guide talent into a quicker, smarter, and exciting career.

Betts Connect is the recent milestone in Betts Recruiting's mission to decrease time-to-hire and promote mutual success for businesses and talent with which they operate. This is an excellent time for the organization's business partners to build powerful and new professional relationships.

The new platform closes the gap between talented professionals and companies looking to hire them. Betts Connect enables applicants to create a profile and curate it with everything that potential employers want to know about the applicants and what makes them a possible match for the vacancy. The candidate can enter a network where the best companies are in need of top talents and can readily search their profiles. With Betts Connect, it is easier for the organizations than ever to find their perfect candidate. Betts Recruiting is always enthusiastic about the opportunity to promote new business-professional relationships.

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