Benefits of Electronic Human Resource (e-HR)

By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Electronic human resource (e-HR) tends to keep information available to employees and managers at anywhere and anytime and within organization. e-HR deals with human resource management transactions using the internet. The electronic human resource provides broader potential in term of usages which includes employee self-service,  administration, production of reports and information sharing.

The benefits of e-HR technology are many to count and they are namely creation of a real-time, information-based self-service and interactive work environment. With the help of e-HR, managers can access relevant information and data, conduct analysis and also improve  decision-making.

The companies use e-HR as an enterprise-wide strategy that is scalable, flexible, and integrated technology, which links internal processes and knowledge workers directly to the business objectives of the company.  e-HR benefits both the companies as well as their clients as there is efficient communication without any barriers in between. The users can also access the database and can update and search for information. They can also make decisions accordingly to the e-profile.

The e-HR approval process and application of leave management is done through e-leave. e-HR also has a web-enabled appraisal, skill development and career mapping which can be performed through appraisal systems. It also provides online submission and approval process of employees to claim finance through e-claims.

With e-HR, the comapny can keep track records systematically and more precisely with accurate dates and information regarding employment and profits of the company. The strength of e-HR is to determine the worth of each job and also to decide the correct pay rate process. e-HR features salary planning application which can calculate the total salary which is allocating is according to the merit or seniority of the people in the company.

With such benefits of e-HR, the company is profiting from the concepts of e-HR such as Virtual HRM and web-based HRM. The organizational level of the company comprises of numerous phases like implementation and initiation phases of adoption. The company’s general and contextual factors are tested and derived using a massive scale survey.  

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