Behavioral Mapping Data in HR Technology

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 05, 2020

HR analytics allows professionals to make data-driven decisions to draw, handle, and retain talent, which improves ROI for the organization. It enables business leaders to make effective decisions that will help create a better work environment and maximize team productivity

FREMONT, CA: Companies that go through change discover friction to the changes, and leaders often find it challenging to manage the situation, which leads to substantial failures in change management exercises. The importance of behavioral assessment and mental alignment to the ecosystem they hire is thus, vital.

Techniques such as question-based assessments, gamified simulations, workplace simulations, online behavior analysis, and even background checks are some accessible models that recruiters are using to assess candidate's behavioral patterns. However, the adoption of behavioral analysis in recruitment or even on existing employees remains mostly ignored.

Top HR Analytics CompaniesStandard assessments have a large manual intervention that needs professionals to study and provide the correct data. This acts as a barrier to the adoption of the existing platforms. Also, the pressure to hire fast and, in large numbers, decreases the importance of behavioral analysis, as skills get attention in the hiring job market.

The existing technique of individual assessment and stand-alone analysis will soon upgrade with a data-driven and AI-enabled comprehensive model of evaluation. With the matching of behavior with people and their colleagues and with organizational culture, the data-driven approach will allow recruiters to get a pointer of fitment before they even engage the candidate for interviews. They would also not need to run any process manually in parallel. Soon hiring the best behavior trait will switch to hiring the right behavioral quality, which will fit the ecosystem better.

An integrated behavioral analysis will help companies to hire the best fit who can stay longer and happier in the organization.

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