Beamery 5: A Finer Step toward Simple, Fast, and Effective Recruitments

By Ben Slater, VP of Growth | Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Ben SlaterGone are the days when companies spent much of their time hiring employees. Few hires seemed to rely on a candidate’s luck. Usually, a job interview undergoes the cycle where the company chooses the candidate that has applied for the job that was posted about, days ago. While technology has transformed several sectors, it has had a huge impact on the recruitment landscape as well. Recruitment methods have undergone a drastic change, which have made companies ease up their recruitment process. 

Not only do companies want to fasten their process, but candidates expect a quicker interview process too.  As a result, several software have come into existence for businesses to select candidates for vacancies in a short period without wasting much time of the recruiter or the candidate.

Beamery offers one of the best candidate relationship software prevailing in the online recruitment world. The software is developed with the goal of enabling enterprises to be proactive in selecting candidates.  Ben Slater, VP of growth at Beamery, states, “Beamery’s Talent CRM allows companies to connect with candidates even before they apply for a position.”As candidates wish to have an advanced call regarding recruitments, the companies too should reform the recruitment steps, and Beamery is well positioned to offer exactly that.

According to the Beamery team, building a relationship rather than collecting resumes pays the company back with talented employees. The talent acquisition scale estimated by the Beamery software includes two important features, namely “Talent CRM” and “Talent Marketing Modules.” Zillions of companies have been benefited on using the software. 

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"Beamery’s Talent CRM allows companies to connect with candidates even before they apply for a position."

The talent acquisition software has benefited many companies in their recruitment processes and the candidates. The software has saved their time in the recruitment process and helped them to pick the best candidate for the job. It has become the best talent engagement platform. Several companies are now able to take advantage of the company’s newer offerings with its recent launch of Beamery 5. With additional advantages and features like smarter filters and faster automation, Beamery 5 has been transforming the recruitment world and helping businesses walk the success path. The company continues to bring in groundbreaking hiring ideas by adding innovative software features. No doubt, the software is on its way to creating a great relationship between organizations and candidates. 

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