Analyzing Market Surveys Made Easier

By HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 03, 2019

Vivek Bhaskaran, Founder

Although several solution providers today enable businesses to conduct online surveys and perform their analysis, a very few have successfully headed the market with easy-to-use and high-performing analysis tools. QuestionPro is one such online tool that helps companies to analyze, detect, and perform online surveys. It offers an online survey insights software, thereby enabling the companies to analyze their market research effectively to take strategic decisions accordingly. Vivek Bhaskaran, Founder of QuestionPro, states, “QuestionPro is an insight platform that helps customers make right decisions.” The main aim of the software is to create, collect, and analyze the report for improved community management and employee engagement.

In detail, the software first receives information from the customers through polling or online surveys. After collecting the information, the software will analyze the polling results and provides the customers with the report that helps them to choose the one that tops the list.

"QuestionPro is an insight platform that helps customers make right decisions"

With the Qualtrics customers expecting a better performing and an alternative powerful and cost-effective tool, QuestionPro has now launched a data migration and import tool for researchers. The migration tool researchers find it beneficial as they can easily transmit current and historical data from Qualtrics into QuestionPro’s software for analysis. Both survey data and survey results play a prominent role in the analysis.

QuestionPro has access to the largest Library of more than 300 questionnaires and survey templates. The QuestionPro mobile app is also accessible its customers. With real-time pivot and segmentation tools, QuestionPro software analyzes the results. Exporting the results to Excel and SPSS is an added advantage that the system offers. 

The software offered by QuestionPro provides market and community research to offer better customer experience and employee engagement. Few companies might have a strategy, but they do not have efficient employees to catch up the goal. QuestionPro helps companies to allow the employees to self-evaluate. After comparing the results of the employees, the company gets the details on the efficiency of employees. It may not take much time to perform the employee performance analysis.

Other than its software solutions, QuestionPro provides information about its clients’ customer satisfaction. It helps in promoting improved customer experience and achieving customer loyalty leading to improved growth of a company. 

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