Alternative to Qualtrics: QuestionPro for Cost Effective and Reliable Data Migration

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, March 29, 2019

Vivek Bhaskaran, FounderVivek Bhaskaran, Founder

Data migration is an integral part of server upgrades, website consolidation, maintenance of infrastructure, database migration, data center relocation, software upgrade, and company mergers. Qualtrics is a paid subscription tool used by companies to collect and analyze data for market research and various evaluation purposes. Qualtrics was the first employee management platform that measured employee experience by using predictive intelligence. On November 11, 2018 Qualtrics was acquired by SAP for $8 billion. On December 3, 2018, QuestionPro Inc., launched an import and data migration tool for customers of Qualtrics who are on a lookout for a more powerful and alternative tool.

The new solution allows the current and former users to migrate easily with existing projects to this without loss of data. The existing data will be available for on-going research function. The launch of the solution made it the number one alternative for Qualtrics. The QuestionPro supports customization, reporting option and all types of questions. The ever-evolving market research objective can be met with this tool. The solution offers an offline mobile application for field research studies and allows the user to build its panel or online communities through QuestionPro communities. The tool has the ability to track the customer journey and provide insights about customer experiences. For enterprise solutions, it offers round the clock live support service and customer success management.

Data migration is a challenging task because it must maintain the management’s data integrity. Proper time management is required to keep costs in check. There are various types of data migration like the storage migration which moves blocks of data from one system to another. When there is a change in vendors, and when there is a need to upgrade, the database is moved to cloud. In data migration, the data is modified with changing the underlying schema. To avoid problems during the migration of data, it is crucial to check the process first. There are over 2. 5 million users of QuestionPro; the leading online survey and insight solution provider fuels the needs of hundreds of companies worldwide and also support individual researchers.

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